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Small range breaker booms

Sandvik Small range booms are lightweight, multi-purpose breaker units typically used in quarries, next to primary crushers, to clear any blockages and bridging in stationary crushing plants as well as mobile crushers.

Lightweight Sandvik Small range booms also offer an effective solution for demanding specialized applications such as breaking refractory linings in metallurgical plants.

Depending on the application, Small range booms can be operated directly by the valve levers or remotely by radio control.


  • Jaw crushers
  • Impact crushers
  • Mobile crushers


  • Easy to transport and install
  • Lightweight for reduced foundation requirements
  • Compact multi-purpose boom bring flexibility and cost-efficiency
  • Compact design offers optimal space usage
  • Internal hoses minimize the risk of damages
  • Sandvik's full electrification makes the Small range breaker booms energy efficient