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Wheeled cone units

Our wheeled range of cone units provides you with a highly productive and economical solution for secondary and tertiary crushing.

Featuring our renowned Hydrocone and "S" type crusher technology, this is one of the most advanced cone crushers available in the market today. With hydraulically adjusted settings, a choice of different crushing chambers and throws plus many high performance features ensures the unit is versatile, user friendly and highly productive. The compact and easy- to-service design makes them perfect choice for mobile installations.

Combined with the large vibrating screen for efficient and accurate screening, these units have proven to be the ideal solution for high-end productivity at a low cost-per-tonne.

All units in our wheeled range of cone crushers have been designed for simple and efficient operation with a soft starting crusher for trouble free operation.

Built to meet the same high standard as our tracked equipment, all onboard components are electrically driven giving a reliable and cost effective solution, whilst at the same time minimal maintenance.

Wheeled cone crushing range

Model Weight kg (lbs) Maximum feed size mm (in.) Capacity up to mtph (stph) No. of products (No. of decks)
'S' Cones
US316 38,100 (83,996) 300 (11.8) 325 (358)  1 - 3 (3)
UH311 35,150 (77,505) 185 (7¼) 200 (220)  1 - 4 (4)
UH312 38,840 (85,627) 215 (8½) 300 (330)  1 - 4 (4)
UH316 35,000 (77,161) 185 (7¼) 250 (275)  1 - 3 (3)
UH412  33,800 (74,516) 215 (8½) 300 (330)  1 - 4 (4)
UH320E 48,500 (106,900) 185 (7¼) 200 (220)  3 - 4 (3)
USA only
UK373 65,250 (153,000) 215 (8½) 475 (527) 2 - 3
UH373 100,000 (45,359) 215 (8½) 350 (385) 1 - 2 
US373 41,503 (91,500) 360 (14) 300 (330)  1

Please note all weights and dimensions are for standard units only.

Wheeled cone crushers designed for versatility

We know your applications, and we understand how quickly your needs can change; that's why our wheeled range of cone crushers are designed to offer you ultimate versatility. Features such as the automatic setting regulation system enable you to monitor and optimize production and the Constant Liner Performance (CLP) gives the added advantage of tracking liner wear which will serve to minimize interruptions and downtime.

Offering large reduction ratios with minimal fines production, Sandvik mobile cone crushers are the ideal solution for secondary and tertiary crushing.

Our market leading "S" type cones can accept a feed size up to 90% larger than current standard cones; they can even be run as primary crushers on gravel applications. High mobility and quick setup times help you start your projects on time, every time.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile cone crushers, we understand how you need to have that equipment work in harmony to provide the best possible end product. Our extensive time spent in the field enables us to more fully understand the challenges you face when it comes to crushing; to help you meet those challenges, we are constantly developing and improving our products.

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