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Small range breakers

Sandvik Small Range Breakers are adept at handling a wide spectrum of oil flows and tolerating high back pressures. This versatility allows them to be mounted on a diverse array of carriers and utilized in numerous applications. Each unit in our Small Range Breakers is equipped with the RD3 remote monitoring system, enhancing hydraulic breaker services for superior fleet management.

Reliable and durable

Sandvik’s Small Range Breakers are engineered to endure. The membrane-type accumulator enhances power strokes while safeguarding against hydraulic spikes. Features like field-replaceable tool bushing and a low-maintenance design ensure maximum uptime for our hydraulic breakers. This range is optimal for carriers between 1.9 to 15 tonnes, offering low operational costs and high efficiency—characteristics that yield high productivity.


  • Demolition
  • Civil engineering
  • Landscaping
  • Frozen ground
  • Asphalt cutting


  • Superior fleet management with the factory-installed RD3 remote monitoring device
  • Simple tool installation saves time
  • Sealed housing design protects against dust and debris
  • Wide oil flow range
  • Membrane type accumulator
  • Protected hose connection
  • Sound suppression benefits the operator and the surrounding area
  • Constant Blow Energy gives consistent performance
  • Easy to use and service, minimizing downtime
  • High reliability, low operating costs
  • Broad carrier range
  • Constant high productivity
Technical data
Model BR555i BR777i BR999i BR1322i
Working weight, kg
Impact rate, bpm 600-1,800 500-1,700 500-1,700 500-1,000
Operating pressure, bar
Tool diameter, mm (in.) 72 (2.83) 80 (3.15) 90 (3.54) 95 (3.74)
Acceptable oil flow, l/min (gal/min) 35-90
40- 20 
Mini excavator weight, allowed range, t (lb) 3.2-8.0
Skid steer weight, allowed range, t (lb) 1.9-5.3
Carrier weight, allowed range, t (lb) 9-15

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