CH440 Cone crusher

Sandvik CH440 cone crusher is an advanced design, with a small footprint and high capacity in relation to size, and a hydraulically supported main shaft that is supported at both ends.

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Sandvik CH440 is suitable for a high-capacity secondary application or a high-reduction tertiary or pebble-crushing application, and it can be matched to changes in production through the selection of crushing chambers and an eccentric throw. This flexibility means that it's suitable for a wide range of applications.

Sandvik CH440 is highly versatile and reliable, and is designed to be easily serviced so that you can maximize the uptime of the equipment.

The Automatic Setting Regulation control system (ASRi™) enables real-time performance management, giving you a machine that consistently runs at optimum levels.

Achieve optimal performance by selecting the Sandvik crushing chamber that's right for your application.


  • Hydroset™ system provides safety and setting-adjustment functions
  • ASRi™ automatically adapts crusher to feed conditions
  • Unibody mainframe ensures optimal strength and less maintenance
  • Lifting from above minimizes risks and allows for safer maintenance
  • Constant liner profile design
Technical data
Nominal capacity 58 - 336 mtph
Max. feed size 47-250 mm (1.8 - 9.8 in.)
Motor power 220 kW (295 hp)
Closed side setting (CSS) range 8 - 48 mm (0.3 - 1.8 in.)
Eccentric throw range 16 - 44 mm (0.6 - 1.7 in.)
Mantles (inner liners) A, B, HC, EF, FF, HC
Concaves (outer liners) EC, C, MC, M, MF, F
Weight 16,617 kg (36,633 lb)
Automation (ASRi) Optional
Lubrication tank Standard
Offline lubrication filtration unit

This crusher is also available on the following mobile units: QH441 UH440i UH440E UH412 and UH312.

Former name: H4800 Cone crusher

Several standard crushing chambers are available for each model. The crushers can easily be matched to changes in production by selecting the right chamber and eccentric throw. The chambers available are:

  • EF = Extra fine
  • F = Fine
  • MF = Medium fine
  • M = Medium
  • MC = Medium coarse
  • C = Coarse
  • EC = Extra coarse


Unpredictability is the enemy of productivity. The Sandvik Reliability and Protection package is designed to keep you in control of your costs and efficiency at all times. It includes on-site periodic inspections that enable proactive preventative maintenance recommendations, trend analysis, and our exclusive 1 + 2 years equipment warranty – protecting your investment and giving you an improved cost of ownership.