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What affects liner life?

Maximizing the life of wear parts is a major consideration in any efficient crushing operation. Extending the life of liners in your cone crushers can significantly reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity, so its vital that any problems in this area are identified and minimized. Sandvik’s research has revealed five areas where liner life can be compromised.

  • Feeding conditions

    The most common issue affecting liner life is poor feeding conditions. A poor feed can reduce the lifetime of your liners by up to 70% compared to a properly fed crusher. Feed problems often lead to uneven wear on your liners, meaning they have to be replaced even though large parts of the liners are still in good condition. This is such a big issue that we have dedicated two chapters to identifying and resolving these issues, so make sure you take a look at chapters Common Feed Arrangement Problems and Optimal Feed Arrangements.


  • Crushing chamber issues

    The other significant factors relate to the crushing chamber itself. Having the wrong crushing chamber – the fit between the concave and mantle, combined with the eccentric throw – can reduce liner life by 50%. Choosing the wrong mantle can cause a decrease of 40%, while having the wrong alloy can reduce liner life by up to 20%.


    The percentage figures are not mutually exclusive, so your liners may be affected by more than one of these problems.

    What this research shows, is that there is often scope for making small changes to crushing, screening or feeding processes that can yield significant productivity improvements. Sandvik provide a range of relevant services to customers around the world, including sampling analyses, condition inspections and productivity services. Contact us here to find out how we can help.

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