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Premium Mantle Solutions – Flexifeed and Oversize Breaker

Even if your chamber is perfectly configured you can still find ways to improve performance. Sandvik’s premium chamber solutions are the answer. They are patented technologies that offer high availability and reliability, as well as significantly increasing productivity and improving safety. Both the Flexifeed and Oversize Breaker are especially useful if the crusher feed is not calibrated.

  • Flexifee mantle

    The Flexifeed mantle can be thought of as a variable liner. If you look at the image below, you can see that the mantle is thicker at some parts than others.


    This means that as the mantle rotates, the feed opening varies – it’s wider or narrower depending on how much it has rotated. The benefit of this, is that the Flexifeed can handle crusher feed that is less well calibrated – it won’t become blocked if an unexpectedly large particle falls into the chamber. In other words, it’s a particularly useful mantle if you have limited control over the regularity of the feed.

    Flexifeed is engineered for secondary crushing applications in a two-stage process, so it matches with all Sandvik concaves between extra coarse and medium coarse (EC, CX, C and MC). Our tests have found that it offers a 20% longer lifetime compared to a correctly configured standard chamber.


  • Oversize Breaker mantle

    The Oversize Breaker (OB) shares some design features with the Flexifeed, but it is engineered for tertiary or final crushing applications. Like Flexifeed it has a variable feed opening, so it can handle oversized particles without bridging – it’s a good choice if your feed is not calibrated. As you can see from this image, it is considerably shorter than Flexifeed.


    The shorter chamber size changes the angle of the crushing chamber, and increases the crushing force within the chamber. This makes it ideal for finer applications – the tertiary or final crushing stages. It’s compatible with short chambers in the medium to extra-extra fine range (MF, F, EFX, EF and EEF).

    Both the Flexifeed and Oversize Breaker mantles are available for a risk-free trial – contact your Sandvik representative for more details.