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The importance of the right mantle and concave

If you are using an incorrect crushing chamber then you are compromising on productivity, liner life or both.

A crushing chamber that is too small will either deliver a low reduction ratio or completely fail to function. On the other hand, if your crushing chamber is too big, then material will only be crushed in the lower part of the chamber. This shortens the lifespan of your crushing chamber, because there will be more wear at the bottom of the chamber – an optimal set-up results in evenly distributed wear along the sides of the mantle and concave.

2B_TheRightFit 1000px@2x.png

  • How to make the right selection

    To get the best out of your cone crushers, you need to balance three important factors – the feed, the eccentric throw, and the closed side setting (CSS).

  • Feed

    Before you can start to optimize your crushing chamber, you must have an accurate measure of the raw materials entering the chamber. Screening and classifying your feed is, of course, a major part of any crushing operation. You can find out about the range of screens that Sandvik offer here: Stationary screens and feeders.


  • Eccentric throw

    This measures the pendular movement of the mantle. The greater the eccentric throw, the more the mantle moves away from its axis. Matching the mantle and the eccentric throw is a crucial step to ensuring optimal output and an even wear pattern. You can find out more about eccentric throw and its importance here: What is the eccentric throw?

  • CSS

    Once you know your feed size and eccentric throw, you can determine the right closed side setting (CSS) in order to produce the final product you want. In some cases, the CSS and eccentric throw will have to be balanced with each other simultaneously in order to achieve the right output.

  • Putting it all togheter


    Sandvik can help make sure that your cone crushers are operating with the ideal crushing chamber. Throughout our Crushing Chamber Application Guide there are look-up tables that you can use to select the right mantle, for any conceivable scenario. To truly maximize potential, Sandvik also provide computer modeling and analysis to assess the particle size distribution of your feed and determine the optimal crushing chamber setup.

    Get in touch here to arrange this.

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