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SAM is designed for everyone in the operation

SAM by Sandvik is designed to give the operators and service technicians that are closest to the equipment instant access to the information they need to succeed. The information they need to keep equipment running, available and productive.

It makes their jobs easier while giving you a complete overview of what’s going on in your crushing and screening operation. It gives your maintenance managers the ability to see what is going on with all of your equipment. It gives your purchasers direct access to the SAM web shop. It gives you more insights and data from your operation. Information that you can use to plan maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime. And you can always deep dive into information and trends using historical analysis.

How can SAM by Sandvik support your team?


Designed with operators in mind, SAM by Sandvik is their new best friend. SAM gives them accurate data and analytics, so they can review logs and alarms without having to go to the crushers, provides recommended actions for alarms, lets them quickly and easily diagnose crusher issues.

Service technichans

SAM by Sandvik takes the guesswork out of service and maintenance by letting your service technicians see the historical data for your equipment.

New possibilities open up for remote support allowing Sandvik service technicians and Global experts to look at actual crusher data points when troubleshooting or proactively finding improvements in your operation.

Service technicians can access daily and weekly inspections which help identify and document reliability risks, allowing them to take corrective/preventative actions that can reduce unplanned downtime and operating costs.

Maintenance managers

Every time your operators use SAM, maintenance managers get more insights and data from your operation. They can deep dive into information and trends using historical analysis from their office. Information that they can use to plan maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime. Users can even make a basket of necessary parts, then send it as a recommendation to their purchasing department who can act on it.

Plant managers

SAM by Sandvik lets plant managers see the status of the equipment, communication between teams, projected maintenance and more. It gives them a complete, holistic overview of the entire site, including what’s going according to schedule and what needs to be optimized or improved.


Give purchasers the power to easily find the parts they need to order through interactive parts catalogs, receive part recommendations from company experts or from Sandvik and user friendly shopping lists. Through instant access to price & availability and tracking the order process and past orders – time will be saved in managing parts orders.

Quarry owners

SAM by Sandvik is the quarry owner’s digital assistant that gives them the insights, support, and performance-enhancing information they need to increase their crushing and screening productivity – all in one place.

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Are you looking to raise the bar for the operations in your crushing and screening plant? Experience SAM – the digital assistant designed to bring people, data, and activities together in an intuitive and seamless tool that will power the data-driven operations of tomorrow.

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