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SAM Platforms

The SAM platforms are designed to deliver the right tools and data to our users. Whether you are a site manager, operator, or a purchaser, the SAM platforms are designed to meet your needs. To find the right platform for you or your team reach out to us and learn more.

  • SAM Web

    SAM Web is designed to provide our users with full analytical monitoring and analytical capabilities. SAM web gives the user, whether it is a site manager, maintenance manager or a purchaser, the capabilities to gain a comprehensive understanding of their plant to make fact based and data driven decision to drive their operation forward. 

    SAM Web is also a tool that enables remote support for our customers wherever they are and whenever they need us. 

  • SAM Tablet Android/ iOS

    SAM tablet app gives the user the possibility to access data, manuals, and alarms wherever they are! With the SAM daily and weekly inspection reports the SAM tablet app is the digital assistant that every maintenance team needs to perform their day-to-day operational tasks. 

  • SAM Mobile phone app

    Gain access to equipment data, key parameters, and alarms right on your smartphone! The native app is designed to give you a snapshot view of the most critical information and data so you can make data driven decisions on the go.