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Mobile impact crushers

Sandvik's Prisec™ impactor revolutionizes performance and versatility in mobile impact crushing. Available in open or closed circuit, the QI Mobile impact crusher range offers unparalleled levels of control, flexibility and productivity in recycling and quarrying applications.

Sandvik mobile impact crushers: flexible control

This unique concept, available exclusively on Sandvik impactors, enables a single unit to operate in either primary or secondary mode, depending on your needs.

To maximize productivity and efficiency, all our impact crushers have features that optimize throughput and minimize spillage. They use a direct drive system for optimum fuel efficiency and low operating costs, and include a number of user-friendly features. This ensures that they're both simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

The hanging screen option available on our impactors has been designed to maximize productivity and profitability, giving accurately sized products ready for immediate use.

Model Weight kg (lbs) Max. feed size mm (in.) Capacity up to mtph (stph) No. of products
QI341 40,276 (88,793) 500 (20) 300 (330)  1
QI341 HS 48,054 (105,940) 500 (20) 300 (330)  1-3
QI353 46,000 (101,412) 700 (28) 400 (441) 1
QI353 HS 56,500 (124,561) 700 (28) 400 (441) 1-3
QI442 56,879 (125,396) 800 (31.5) 500 (551)  1
QI442 HS 67,189 (148,126) 800 (31.5) 500 (551)  1 - 3 

Please note all weights and dimensions are for standard units only.


mobiles-qrange-brochure-english (PDF document, 29.9 MB)

  • Leading Mobile Impact Crushers That Boost Performance

    Developing mobile impact crushers that lead the way in their design and productivity is all part of the wider vision we have here at Sandvik. For over 150 years we have dedicated our resources into developing the most advanced solutions in engineering, ensuring best possible performance and productivity. Our mobile impact crushers are the result of decades of research and innovation, boosting business performance. Our mobile impact crushers are the result of combining the latest advancements in engineering technology and digitalization to provide a versatile and cost-effective mobile crusher.

    Everything that goes into the design of Sandvik Mobile Impact Crushers has the operator at the core, putting flexibility and productivity at the top of essential outcomes. Sandvik's mobile impact crushers are unparalleled on the market today. User-friendly by design, the operation of our mobile impact crushers is easy to master and makes processes much simpler to action. On top of this, performance can be easily monitored through the remote monitoring system installed that makes optimizing your mobile impact crusher to exact requirements easily achievable.

  • Choose Mobile Impact Crushers That Achieve Profitability

    Our engineering solutions provide results where it matters, ensuring productivity results in maximum profitability for your business efforts. Providing operators with the equipment to make their job easier ensuring productivity levels are consistently maintained, avoiding as much downtime as possible, means better all-round performance in terms of output. All the products we develop at Sandvik have your business interests at heart, providing a streamlined experience making even the toughest engineering and crushing jobs effortless. With innovative performance monitoring, you can identify the areas that are having the most effect on productivity and resolve them quicker than ever before. Even if you experience downtime for any reason with our mobile impact crushers, we have the structure in place to ensure it’s at a minimum through our attentive parts and services global network.

    Find out more about our mobile impact crushers for sale and our wider product range by contacting us today, and start enhancing your profitability for the better.

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