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Stationary upgrades and engineered solutions

Conical main shaft sleeve

Next-generation parts mean smarter and safer routines.

With a conical design of both the main shaft and the pro­tective sleeve – combined with oil grooves embedded in the main shaft – it offers improved worker safety, shorter turnaround time, the elimination of grinder damage, and no heating process.

The service procedure of the main shaft sleeve requires a torque wrench and a hand-driven oil pump to release the main shaft sleeve. With our oil pressure-driven “pop-off” release solution, we’ve reduced the risks to workers, eliminated the grinding and heating procedures, and shortened the turnaround time. It’s safer, simpler and quicker.

Customer values

  • Shaft-sleeve maintenance is safer and simpler compared to the cylindrical design
  • Main shaft-sleeve replacement is 80% quicker thanks to the oil-pressure release solution
  • Grinding is eliminated, reducing the risk of accidentally damaging the main shaft during service exchange




Compatible with the Sandvik CH420CH430CH440CH660CH830iCH840iCH860iCH865iCH870i, CH880, CH890iCH895iCS420CS430CS440CS660 and CS840i.

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