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Crusher automation

Our crusher automation system delivers real-time performance management, enabling you to monitor and optimize crusher performance and productivity.

Our new generation Automation and Connectivity System (ACS), is a platform allowing scalability. It will continue to be expanded and updated and forms the foundation for any data driven services in the future which aim to further improve your performance and enhance your business.


The next generation Sandvik Automation and Connectivity system – ACS – gives you smarter ways to optimize your performance.


The Automatic Setting Regulation (ASRi) control system delivers real-time performance management, enabling you to monitor and optimize crusher performance and productivity.

Sandvik automation for optimal crusher

When designing our products, improving productivity and performance is the aim and with the new generation of crusher performance automation we have developed at Sandvik, we have enhanced the process completely. Never has it been easier to monitor performance and adjust exact settings for your crusher than by using the Sandvik Automation and Connectivity System (ACS). This has been made a reality thanks to continuous monitoring and optimizing of the performance of your crusher and the automatic adjustments to settings to ensure it is always working at optimal levels.

Our ACS truly is a next-level realization of providing consistency for our products, ensuring that any potential issues are flagged early to avoid unnecessary downtime. We’ve built ACS on the foundations of business insight, uptime certainty and output certainty. These three pillars helped form the basis of how to ensure consistency within ACS to make it a product you will wonder how you lived without.

Providing the freedom great insights bring, the data gathered on crusher performance doesn’t go to waste and makes optimization all the easier with the ultimate goal of enhancing business performance. The crusher automation puts the data into use by automatically adjusting the settings where necessary, helping reduce the wear over time experienced by routinely used crusher components. Having uneven wear on your crusher from variations in feed material consistency leaves product size being less than consistent. ACS learns from these variations and adjusts accordingly, helping output certainty in the process. ACS will guarantee that the exact task will have the exact settings to match. Automatic calibration that increases uptime by 4% and features such as lubrication monitoring makes our ACS an invaluable tool. With performance constantly automatically monitored, the issue of overloading is kept to a minimum, avoiding the costly downtime from this happening when uncrushable materials pass through. This can all be easily seen and monitored through the Human Machine Interface (HMI) which is intuitive and user friendly so that you quickly and efficiently are able to monitor what you need. Along with the Automatic Setting Regulation (ASRi), you’ll get real-time performance management with minimal effort providing an operational overview.

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