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Stationary upgrades and engineered solutions

Offline filtration units

Cleaner lubrication oil means better performance.

Reduce wear on your internal crusher components and improve reliability with our continuous fine filtration unit for main lubrication. And because it's offline, it doesn't affect crusher availability.

Sandvik offline oil filter helps keep oil free of particles and water to enhance your crusher performance and keep your system running smoothly.

Up to five times longer oil life

Engineered to withstand the filtering requirements for crushing under tough conditions, get up to five times longer oil life which is better for the environment and workers’ health and safety. Fewer oil changes also means financial savings and more importantly more crusher availability.



Crusher compatibility – filter model 27/54: SANDVIK CH420CH430CH440CH660CH830iCH840iCS420CS430CS440CS660 and CS840i

Crusher compatibility – filter model 27/108: SANDVIK CH860iCH865iCH870iCH890i and CH895i.

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