BR9033i Hydraulic breaker

Sandvik BR9011i has been designed using a revolutionary operating principle that incorporates stroke length, blow energy and Sandvik idle blow protection, allowing the breaker to be modified to match individual applications and improving hydraulic efficiency and safety.

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The BR9033i unites all the key features into a powerful, durable and reliable package. Robust housing includes heavy-duty wear plates for optimal breaker protection and noise dampening and offers a longer housing time even in the harshest of applications. In-the-field rotatable and replaceable lower too bushing allows to minimize operating costs.

The BR9033i delivers massive impact energy and high blow frequency for an exceptional power-to-weight ratio.


  • Factory-installed RD3 remote monitoring system for superior fleet management
  • Rotatable and easily field replaceable lower tool bushing reduces maintenance costs
  • Stroke selector allows to match breaker to material and application for optimized operating
  • Sandvik’s patented Ramvalve to protect against premature failure
  • Heavy-duty housing offers wear resistance and easy maintenance
  • Robust, wear-resistant plates for optimum breaker protection and noise reduction
  • Easy IBP (Idle Blow Protection) adjustment in the field
  • FBE (Fixed Blow Energy) for optimum productivity
  • Ramlube I & II greasing kits for longer component life (Optional)
  • Built-in air channel enables easy underwater conversion
  • Ramair air supply to protect housing and inner parts against dust for extended service life (Optional)
Technical data
Working weight, kg (lb) 7,400 (16,310)
Impact rate, bpm, Long / Short stroke 300 - 520 / 355 - 645
Operating pressure, bar (psi) 170 - 180 (2,465 - 2,610)
Tool diameter, mm (in.) 215 (8.46)
Acceptable oil flow, l/min (gal/min) 360 - 460 (95.1 - 121.5)
Carrier weight, allowed range, t (lb) 65 - 120 (143,300 - 264,600)