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Rotating feed distributor

Feed issues are among the most common cause of crusher problems. They account for about 70% of liner wear issues – and shorten the life of your crushing chamber.

Bad feed arrangements also lead to big losses, with higher OPEX and cost per ton due to a reduction in the amount of final product you can produce. But the fix is simple – a Sandvik Rotating Feed Distributor.

Our Rotating Feed Distributor is placed above the feed hopper and evenly spreads your incoming feed material - correcting for misaligned feeds or feed segregation. This upgrade helps to enhance your crusher’s performance and keeps your system running smoothly, avoiding excessive pressure and power draws.



Crusher compatibility – RFD model 90/320: SANDVIK CH420CH430CH440CH830i, and CH840i.

Crusher compatibility – RFD model 130/630: SANDVIK CH660CH860iCH865iCH870iCH890i and CH895i.

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