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Protecting your production with Extended Warranty service agreement

During this extended period of market volatility, controlling costs and protecting operational efficiency are more important than ever. With tough market conditions it’s important to protect your production output as best as possible. This is the protection that our Extended Warranty service agreement delivers.

  • Extended warranty - A step up

    With Sandvik’s Extended Warranty service agreement, you will have periodic visits from our certified Sandvik expert, including Condition Inspections, as well as additional protection over the entire lifecycle of your crushing and screening plant.

    The benefits of Periodic Sandvik expert visits, including Condition Inspections:

    • Inspections by qualified Sandvik engineers three or four times a year, that highlight areas for improvement for maintenance, parts and operation.
    • A trend analysis that identifies developing risks and informs you of what needs to be monitored over time.
    • Written reports that provide a snapshot of equipment condition, as well as recommendations for improving reliability.
    • On-site expertise to answer questions, solve issues, and boost the knowledge of plant personnel.

    Extended Warranty Service Agreement also provides additional protection for defects or nonconformity also after the standard warranty period expires. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, Sandvik covers repair or replacement of major components*. 

    The nature of crushing and screening is that your equipment does some extremely tough work. Sandvik’s Extended Warranty service agreement is there to protect you if major components start to feel the strain.

    *terms and conditions apply

  • Working together

    A key aspect of the Extended Warranty is building a partnership through the long life of your Sandvik crushers. Sandvik want to work alongside you to get the best out of your machinery, so we make sure we are an accessible source of expertise and advice on your crushing and screening equipment. As part of this partnership, we look to you to use Sandvik’s high-quality OEM parts, to document your daily and weekly inspections, and to follow through on suggested maintenance actions and improvements. In other words, Sandvik offers a way to work together to improve the reliability and longevity of your equipment.


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