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Higher availability with Advisory services

By regularly analyzing your crushing and screening equipment – as well as your operational and maintenance trends and your supplies of wear and spare parts – Sandvik can increase capital availability across your entire plant.

Maximizing availability is a key benefit of the Advisory Services program. By working closely with Sandvik expert and taking advantage of their findings and advice, your operations can run smoother and more cost effectively.

  • Availability experts

    Advisory Services designed to maximize the availability of your crushing and screening equipment. Sandvik’s engineers achieve this by identifying, prioritizing and correcting problems before they can impact on productivity or even health and safety. To be able to identify emerging issues in this way, we stay close to our customers. 

    Sandvik process experts will audit your plant to make plans for short- and long-term improvements, in the areas of equipment performance and system efficiency. They will assess your wear, spare and critical parts needs, based on the information gained from the inspections and audit, combined with benchmark knowledge.

    This can result in up to 15% more availability.

  • Planning to succeed

    One of the keys to increasing availability is making attainable plans based on experience and knowledge. The Advisory Services does that in two specific ways – maintenance planning and parts planning.

    The first stage of maintenance planning is to understand what you are likely to need to keep your equipment running safely and productively. Sandvik do this by inspecting your machinery, assessing your operational requirements and consulting benchmarked data. This lets our experts draw up a maintenance plan that is specific to your needs, and which can therefore make recommendations on the right maintenance procedures at the right time to minimize downtime and reduce the possibility of unexpected failures. It’s a way to mitigate and better manage risks.

    Parts planning can prevent downtime, by helping you to have the right stock for the challenges you face. It’s based on on-site analyses of your wear, spare and critical parts requirements, supplemented with data from previous inspections and benchmark knowledge. Having the correct parts on-hand shortens downtime of course, but it also saves on networking capital and reduces the time spent sourcing specific parts.


  • Looking to the future

    Sandvik’s Advisory Services is forward thinking. Its approach is based on anticipating your future needs. The process audit is an important part of this. It involves a Sandvik expert evaluating your entire plant, in order to create a plan for both short- and long-term improvements in availability. It maintains your competitiveness and profitability by keeping an eye on possible future developments and offering a plan for mitigating emerging problems.

    Training sessions are also provided to your personnel, to ensure that they get the best out of your crushing and screening equipment in future. A certified Sandvik trainer conducts annual maintenance and operation training for your employees. Transferring know-how and expertise in this way plays a crucial part in continually optimizing equipment capabilities.


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