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Stationary cone crushers 400-600 series


Nominal capacity
116 - 646 mtph (128 - 712 stph)
Max. feed size
321.0 mm (12.6 in.)
Motor power
315 kW (422 hp)

Sandvik CH660 is an advanced design with a small footprint, and has a high capacity in relation to its size.

Product data

Nominal capacity
116 - 646 mtph (128 - 712 stph)
Max. feed size
321.0 mm (12.6 in.)
Motor power
315 kW (422 hp)
Closed side setting (CSS) range
10.0 - 51.0 mm (0.4 - 2.0 in.)
Eccentric throw range
18.0 - 50.0 mm (0.7 - 1.9 in.)
Mantles (inner liners)
A, B, HC, EF, HC, D, FF
Concaves (outer liners)
EC, CX, C, MC, M, MF, I, F, EF, HR
No of chambers
29,335 kg (64,670 lb)
Automation (ASRi)
Lubrication tank
Offline lubrication filtration unit

Former name: H6800 Cone crusher

Several standard crushing chambers are available for each model. The crushers can easily be matched to changes in production selecting the right crushing chamber and eccentric throw. The chambers available are:

  • EEF = Extra extra fine
  • EF = Extra fine
  • F = Fine
  • MF = Medium fine
  • M = Medium
  • MC = Medium coarse
  • C = Coarse
  • CX = Coarse xtra
  • EC = Extra coarse

This crusher is also available on the following mobile unit:


Sandvik UH640E is designed to be a flexible, highly productive secondary or tertiary cone crusher. This unique solution is capable of producing finished sized products due to the integral product screen and closed circuit operation

Additional product information

 This cone crusher has a hydraulically supported main shaft that is supported at both ends.   

Sandvik CH660 has a robust crusher design, adjustable eccentric throw, and a constant intake opening. This crusher is suitable for a high-capacity secondary application or a high-reduction tertiary or pebble-crushing application. Achieve high performance by selecting the Sandvik crushing chamber that's right for your application.

The equipment is designed for easy maintenance, meaning you can fully optimise your uptime, and maintain high levels of productivity.

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