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Scaler range breakers

BR777i Scaler hydraulic breaker

Working weight
415 kg (910 lb)
Tool diameter
80.00 mm (3.15 in)
Mini excavator weight, allowed range
4.3 - 9.5 t (9,500.0 - 20,900.0 lb)

Sandvik BR777i Scaler range hydraulic breaker can accept a wide range of oil flows and tolerate high back pressures to ensure its productivity in the harshest environments.


Product data

Working weight
415 kg (910 lb)
Impact rate (frequency)
500 - 1,700 bpm
Operating pressure
80 - 130 bar (1,160 - 1,885 psi)
Tool diameter
80.00 mm (3.15 in)
Oil flow range
40.0 - 120.0 l/min (10.6 - 31.7 gal/min)
Mini excavator weight, allowed range
4.3 - 9.5 t (9,500.0 - 20,900.0 lb)
Skid steer weight, allowed range
2.6 - 6.3 t (5,700.0 - 13,900.0 lb)

Additional product information

  • BR777i Scaler

    The BR777i Scaler is built to withstand extreme conditions with its robust housing and side plate design. The dust and dirt protected construction includes a unique tool sealing structure and sealed hose connections for air, water and grease. Sturdy construction of the BR777i Scaler combined with a low-maintenance design ensures optimum breaker uptime and low operating costs.

  • Additional advantages

    • Sealed housing design protects against dust and debris
    • Optimized operating pressure for scaling
    • Safe and quick tool change system transverse to the breaker
    • Integral channel for compressed air to protect internal parts from dust
    • Integrated water channel for environmental dust suppression
    • Easy to use and service, minimizing downtime
    • High reliability with low operating costs

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