Wear protection solutions

Everybody wants a longer lifetime, especially when it comes to wear protection materials. Through its long history of materials expertise and research, Sandvik has developed materials that meet the highest quality standards and offer advantages such as long wear life, less maintenance, reduced noise levels and a better working environment. With us as your partner, your business will perform at its best.

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Sandvik HX900 cast-in carbide is a unique wear material that combines the wear resistance of cemented carbide with the shock resistance, malleability and forming capability of nodular cast iron.

Sandvik long-lasting rubber wear plates with full steel backing or extruded aluminum profiles are all-around wear protection that can be tailor-made to fit most applications, from light to extra heavy duty.

Sandvik Sheeting

Sandvik wear-resistant sheeting products are made of high-quality and long-lasting materials. They can be customized to fit most applications, from light to medium duty.

Sandvik Truck box lining

Our Sandvik WT6000 truck box lining solution is a complete package, including financing and options for belly protection, condition inspection, and extended warranty.