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Stationary wear protection solutions

Cast-in-carbide (HX900)

Sandvik HX900 cast-in carbide is a unique wear material that combines the wear resistance of cemented carbide with the shock resistance, malleability and forming capability of nodular cast iron.

This ideal combination provides a wear-resistant material that withstands tough environments and has a long wear life in many extreme applications.

Hard, durable and flexible

HX900 has a wear resistance that is comparable with cemented carbide and a strength that is 80–90% of the strength of pure nodular iron. This makes HX900 a unique, high-performing wear protection material for applications with high abrasive wear as well as for applications with heavy impact, or a combination of both.

Initiatives for a circular business

Sandvik is committed to making the shift that will drive more sustainable business. The tungsten carbides used in our Sandvik HX900 wear plates are 100% in-house recycled. Using recycled materials consumes 70% less energy and cuts overall carbon dioxide emissions by 40%.

Watch our Recycling of Tools to learn more.

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