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Stationary wear protection solutions

Truck box lining

Savings made to measure

Customized through 3D laser scanning and up to five times more durable than steel, a Sandvik WT6000 rubber lining is a perfect fit for your truck. And better still, it’s a perfect fit for your budget.

Our Sandvik WT6000 truck box lining solution is a complete package, including financing and options for belly protection, condition inspection, and extended warranty. By letting you move up to 500,000 tons more, it costs you less over time. But through smart financing, you pay no more up front than for steel—and see savings right away.

Sandvik Truck box scanning

3D laser scanning

3D scanning of your truck box ensures a precision fit for the Sandvik WT6000 liners. That simplifies installation and cuts installation time compared to other rubber liners.

Sandvik Truck box lining

Up to 60% less edge welding

Installation work is much quicker, thanks to Sandvik WT6000 top elements that need 2/3 less edge welding. There are also integrated lifting lug threads and larger holes allowing stud welding through the liners, cutting installation time to a minimum.


Stone truck box lining

8x less peak vibration

A Sandvik WT6000 rubber lining protects your truck by absorbing the shock of impact. You experience eight times less peak vibration than with steel - and five times less structural vibration. Another benefit is a 15 - 20 dB(A) noice reduction.

More uptime, less up front

It’s no secret that rubber is more expensive than steel. But through smart financing, your up-front cost for a Sandvik WT6000 solution is the same as for a steel lining—or even less. We spread the cost out evenly over time, so that it’s balanced by the reduced number of lining changes and the added production that means. The end result is the same: a lower total cost of ownership. You get the long-term savings of a rubber lining, without paying more at the start.

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