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Electric dump valve system

Tramp iron and other uncrushable objects can cause expensive stoppages, equipment damage and higher services costs.

Reduce exposure to damaging pressure peaks in your crusher by up to 90% with the Sandvik electric dump valve.

Improved crusher reliability and availability

The electric dump valve control system checks the Hydroset hydraulic pressure 200 times per second. When pressure rises beyond a preset limit, the system instantly drops the main shaft to reduce mechanical stress on your crusher, greatly improving its performance and reliability.

  • Improved safety - Fewer breakdowns minimize risk of injury to maintenance personnel thanks to fewer maintenance hours.
  • Improved service life - Significant increase in service life of structural components and bearings due to reduced exposure to pressure peaks.
  • Avoid costly equipment damage - An output signal from the control system notifies operators that the crushing chamber is opening, enabling corrective action to remove the unwanted object from the processing circuit.



*Compatible with the following Sandvik cone crusher models:
Retrofit kit: CH660, CH860, CH865, CH870, CH890, CH895, H6800, H7800, H8000, H8000i, H8800, CH880
Factory installed: CH860iCH865iCH870iCH890iCH895i



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