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CONiQ® Check

CONiQ® Check - portable condition monitoring system

The mobile condition monitoring system CONiQ® check enables high precision running fitness checks on vibratory equipment using high-precision condition monitoring and recording by our expert technicians

Twelve sensors identify machine resonances (polar, cross-bending, ladder, pendulum) during stoppage and ensure that the machine is not operating within resonance. Our expert technicians are also able to do a vibration analysis during operation with CONiQ® Check, to check for example the stroke length, stroke angle, lateral stroke, exciter speed etc.

CONiQ® Check is the perfect maintenance tool for vibratory machinery. It provides orientation and monitors and records a machine's condition to avoid any unscheduled downtimes. CONiQ® Check is especially valuable as a diagnostic device before and after maintenance shutdowns to evaluate the need for maintenance measures and their success. The risk of premature failures is minimized and efficient machine operation is ensured.

By connecting to the CONiQ® Cloud, recorded data can be linked to other data sources (e.g. CONiQ® Monitor). A full digital portrayal of the machine can then be made covering the machine’s whole life cycle.

The benefits of CONiQ® check:

  • Early warning before malfunctions or machine damage occur
  • Prompt detection of potential problems
  • Avoidance of operational downtimes
  • Effective and advance maintenance planning
  • Efficient and effective machine operation is ensured
  • Preventive maintenance protects long-term investments and ensures minimal downtimes

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