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Robust, reliable classification

The harsh environment and varied material sizes and processes in mining demand heavy-duty screening equipment that can meet a wide range of requirements. Designed for volume, our screens and screen media can easily handle the largest quantities of diverse materials, classifying them to a high level of accuracy.

Force exciters

Rotary force exciters

Our engineering expertise arises from over nearly 100 years of supplying screening solutions to the mining industry. Whether you work wet or dry, with lumps or fines, we have got the technology you need.

Custom solutions for your process

It is essential to us that each screen is designed to satisfy your unique requirements, providing a precise, reliable solution in terms of process efficiency, structural integrity, and service life. No matter if your screening process is particle separation, product recovery, sizing, washing or dewatering, our long experience in supplying custom-designed screening systems guarantees you accurate bulk material separation and a high-quality end product.


Market leaders in screening media

Our teams understand the importance of the relationship between the design of our vibrating screens and the correct screen media selection to obtain optimum screening performance. We ensure your system is designed for the success of your project. Our dedicated team of screening media and process specialists will work with you on an ongoing basis, as needed, to further enhance the efficacy of your screening process.

A partnership for the long run

With extensive know-how in processing iron ore, coal, gold, copper, nickel, diamonds, lithium, lead, and more, our highly skilled and experienced team can provide you with on-site technical support during installation, shutdown, and maintenance periods. In parallel with keeping your plant’s process performance in top form, our 360-degree support also takes into consideration safety, budget, and time constraints. And thanks to our network of global hubs, local teams are never far away, always on standby to ensure your production stays on track.