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Sand & gravel

We help you compete successfully

Despite the ancient warning not to build on sand, almost everything — houses, cities, roads, sewers and airports — is built with sand. And the demand for construction aggregates is expected to continue growing, driven by population growth and the need for housing and infrastructure. For suppliers, the challenge is to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market. Our sand processing equipment can make the difference — by ensuring the quality of the final product, by reducing operational costs such as transport, and by automating processes.

Refining the systems for sand and gravel handling

Solving technological problems is our passion. For example, our vibrating screens can handle the largest quantities of materials and classify them to the highest levels of accuracy — assuring your product quality. We will help you lower your transport costs by optimizing loading procedures: Our wagon loading systems add speed and precision and can be fully automated. We can also integrate all process and data management at your plant with our LOGiQ logistics software. We keep working to assist in all processes from planning through to the construction of plant sections.

Preventing failure with condition monitoring

Inspection and maintenance account for up to a third of indirect costs in production plants. Our CONiQ condition monitoring system makes it possible to detect potential future faults and failures before they happen in crucial equipment like sand screening machines, and allows you to undertake maintenance interventions at precisely the right moment, maximizing the service life of your equipment and saving costs.

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