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Efficient extraction of a precious resource

Getting the most out of your raw materials is essential – even more so when you’re dealing with a resource in short supply. Our copper processing equipment efficiently optimizes the extraction process from start to finish, maximizing your recovery rates while keeping costs down. With a wide range of technologies built to withstand the most extreme mining conditions and handle everything from large lumps to fine particles, when it comes to copper, we are truly in our element.

Classification you can count on

Reliable separation processes are critical to keeping your production running smoothly. Used in quarries and processing plants around the world, our market-leading vibrating screens can process large volumes while classifying materials to a high level of accuracy. All screens and screening media are fully customizable and can be tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

Our partnership runs deep

From exploration and planning through to the construction of plant sections and connections to data systems, our experts are available to support you from day one, making sure you have the right solutions for the job at hand. And our full-service support doesn’t end once your equipment’s been installed: thanks to a network of global hubs, our local teams are never far away – on call 24/7 to ensure your production stays on track.

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