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Maximizing your uptime with powerful, proven solutions

High quality classification, cleaning, and dewatering

In coal preparation, you simply cannot afford downtime and subsequent lost output. Our coal processing solutions have proven themselves at the world’s most demanding plants, freeing roughly 10 million tons of raw coal of impurities annually. Suitable for all advanced production techniques and built to handle numerous categories – including steam coal, coking coal, and anthracite – our heavy-duty equipment can also be customized to meet your unique site and material needs.

High quality classification, cleaning, and dewatering

Reliable processes are key to keeping your production running smoothly. Whether you are handling large lumps or fine particles, working wet or dry, our technologies require minimum maintenance while delivering optimal performance. Dry sizing, de-sliming and wet sizing, media drainage and rinse: whatever your preferred preparation method, we have the right screens and screening media for the job – or we will custom engineer them for you.

Improving both your end product and the environment

Properly processed, cleaner coal not only has a higher market value, it results in more environmentally-friendly energy production: one more reason we take our work in this area very seriously. As well as providing highly efficient preparation, our solutions reduce your plant’s energy and water consumption, saving costs and cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Your specialist partner, always on hand

From exploration and planning through to the construction of plant sections and connections to data systems, our process experts are available from day one to ensure you have the right solutions for the job. And the full-service support doesn’t end once your equipment’s been installed: thanks to our network of global hubs, local teams are never far away, always on standby to ensure your production is running optimally.

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