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Hybrid tracked offering

QE342e Scalper

Sandvik heavy duty 2 deck screen
Screen size
4.7 x 1.45 m (16 x 5 ft)
Up to 500 mtph (551 stph)

Sandvik QE342e is a heavy duty scalper with class leading open scalping area and fitted with hybrid drive for lower operating costs and reduced carbon footprint.

Product data

Sandvik heavy duty 2 deck screen
Screen size
4.7 x 1.45 m (16 x 5 ft)
Up to 500 mtph (551 stph)
C4.4 98 kW (132 hp)*
Transport length
14.8 m (48.8 ft)
Transport width
3.0 m (9.1 ft)
Transport height
3.4 m (9.1 ft)
30,067 kg (66,286 lb)

* Please refer to technical specification sheet for alternative engine options.

Please note all weights and dimensions are for standard units only.

Additional Product Information

  • QE342e

    Its design and attributes means that the production of even the most-hard wearing of materials is facilitated through a wear resistant steel apron feeder, with massive stockpiling capability and over-wide conveyors that maximize delivery.

    Its purpose designed crusher style chassis has been developed specifically to accommodate the latest more powerful and efficient engine power packs. Enhancing its versatility, the Sandvik QE342e incorporates a wear resistant rigid hopper which is compatible for 2-way or 3-way split configurations, as well as having the ability to interchange side conveyors thereby demonstrating the ultimate flexibility of the unit. The screen box jack up facility allows easier access to the bottom deck for maintenance and screen media changes.

    Other models within this range include Sandvik QE442e and QE442e Free Flow.

  • Lower your operating cost and carbon footprint

    In our drive towards a more sustainable future and helping our customers to lower their operating costs, we have developed a hybrid drive option for our Q-Range of screens and scalpers. This electric plug-in solution allows you to choose between operating in electric-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic mode, giving you the flexibility to select the energy source which best suits your requirements. This will enable you to lower your operating cost as well as your carbon footprint.

    Available on Sandvik QA442 and QA452 models within our screening range and QE342, QE442 and QE442 Free Flow in our scalper offering.

  • Additional advantages

    • Spacious power pack with improved service access, hydraulics and lighting
    • My Fleet remote monitoring system to help optimize your machine operation
    • Security+  extended warranty & service package for higher uptime and peace of mind.

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