Auxiliary products – better environment and more reliable production

Impact bars and gliders

With your environment and operating costs in focus, we have developed our auxiliary product range to ensure that you have the best possible working conditions. Our auxiliary products provide a better environment, lower operating costs and improved product quality.

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Our offering includes a wide range of dust-sealing components for feeders, screens and conveyors as well as conveyor accessories that extend maintenance intervals, reduce clean-up costs and improve the working environment.

Dust encapsulation

Sandvik provides a complete range of modular dust-sealing components that can be fitted to feeders, screens and conveyors.

Impact bars and gliders

Sandvik WT1000 impact bars and glide bars are designed to prevent belt damage and minimize spillage in loading stations and transfer points.

Pulley lagging is mainly used to increase the coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and drive pulley to avoid belt slippage.