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Stationary auxiliary products

Dust encapsulation

Sandvik provides a complete range of modular dust-sealing components that can be fitted to feeders, screens and conveyors.

Sandvik screens can be configured for the dust-sealing system during manufacturing or as a retrofit kit. The system consists of a super flexible rubber dust encapsulation cloth safely held in place by grip strips on snap-on profiles, which are mounted on the equipment to be encapsulated. The system prevents dust from spreading in the plant significantly improving the working environment and reducing clean-up costs.

Sandvik dust sealing cloths WE4000 (standard) and WE4000X (self-extinguishing) are made of a soft and pliable grade of black rubber with extremely good flexibility and are able to absorb the stresses in a moving seal.

The sealing cloths are fixed in position with grip strips WE7000 on snap-on profiles, that are mounted on the equipment to be encapsulated. The dust sealing system reduces dust emission significantly improving the work environment while reducing wear on equipment.