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Stationary auxiliary products

Impact bars / Glide bars

Sandvik impact bars have a top surface of low-friction material and a core of soft impact-absorbing rubber.

Sandvik WT1000 impact bars and glide bars are designed to prevent belt damage and minimize spillage in loading stations and transfer points.

The impact bars absorb the kinetic energy from the falling material, while the glide bars support the belt edge, creating a smooth surface to seal against.

They are equipped with an extruded aluminum profile for quick and safe installation, and are ideal for protecting conveyor belts in loading zones and transfer points.

Sandvik glidebars have been developed to support conveyor belts in the loading area. The low friction top surface results in very little drag. WT1000 glidebars also reduce belt sagging by supporting the belt edge, which creates a flat surface to seal against and prevents spillage.