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Stationary screening media solutions

WX6500 Tensioned screening media

WX6500 Tensioned Screening Media

Sandvik WX6500 screening media gives you the same accuracy as wire mesh at 2-32 mm separations.

It offers everything a rubber media can, from 10 times the product life to easy delivery as a lightweight roll. Installed in a quarter of the time, it does the same job as wire mesh — but with less blinding, less pegging, fewer inspections, and a fraction of the media changes.


  • Fewer media changes
  • High sizing accuracy in 2-32 mm separations
  • Less blinding and pegging
  • Fewer operating stops
  • Only two dimensions needed for a perfect fit


Case story - WX6500 at NCC, Sweden

Case-story - WX6500 at NCC, Sweden - German

Folder - WX6500 tensioned screening media


Folder - WX6500 tensioned screening media - German


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