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Screening media solutions

Screening media is not one size fits all. Sandvik understands the challenges you face and can work with you to analyze your feed and the setup of your machines to create a solution that will maximize your output.

With Sandvik, you get an OEM partner with more than ten decades of experience in crushing and screening. Bringing all of our deep expertise and process knowledge to your operation, we not only provide you with the right screening media. We also have an array of service offerings to optimize your entire crushing and screening circuit, helping you solve problems, and raise your profits.


Brochure - WS6000

Folder - Pre-tensioned WK screening media system

Folder - WX6000 tensioned screening media

Folder - WX6500 tensioned screening media

Folder - WX6500 tensioned screening media - German

Case story - WX6500 at NCC, Sweden

Case-story - WX6500 at NCC, Sweden - German

Folder - WX7000 tensioned screening media

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