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Stationary screening media solutions

WX6000 Tensioned screening media

Sandvik WT6000 screening media

For both cross- and length-tensioned screens, our Sandvik WX6000 tensioned rubber panels are designed with precision-punched holes for fine- to medium-coarse screening in your dry applications.

Its flexible rubber reduces the risk of pegging and blinding, and it is hardwearing with strong, heat-treated cord reinforcement near the bottom of the panel to extend its wear life.

These tailor-made panels are designed for screens with cambered decks and support bars, separations between 5.6 and 63mm, and a max feed lump size of 150mm. They can be optimized for either capacity or longest possible wear life, ensuring you get the most out of your screening media.


  • Increased capacity
  • Longer life with minimal maintenance
  • Improves your working environment


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