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The next generation Sandvik Automation and Connectivity system – ACS – gives you smarter ways to optimize your performance. The system continuously optimizes crusher performance without overloading it, so you get the most out of your crusher. It can automatically adjust crusher settings to compensate for crushing chamber wear – ensuring consistent product size.

Hydroset™ and the advanced dump valve automatically provide overload protection to let tramp iron or other uncrushable material pass through. The automation system automatically adapts the crusher’s settings in real time to match feed curve variations and variations in the hardness of the feed material.


Business insight

Optimize and improve your business performance with SAM by Sandvik.
It’s the smart, intelligent way of monitoring crusher performance and using that information to optimize and improve business performance.

Uptime certainty

When your crusher stops, your business stops. With ACS, you always know if your crushers are performing as they should and are protected from hazardous overloads.

Output certainty

Create precise fractions with the three powerful crushing programs. ACS guarantees you always have the optimal crusher settings for your exact task.


The user friendly overview of the system allows operators to troubleshoot faster and more efficiently. The HMI also displays minor and major alarms for the system, which can also be easily bypassed if not critical in order to maintain production and increase uptime. Users can customize the HMI to their specific application needs.

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50% of crusher issues are the result of improper lubrication. To prevent expensive repairs caused by lubrication issues, ACS integrates lubrication and in-line filter in the HMI. It also monitors tank levels, temperatures, pressure and pumps to optimize functionality.

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Automatic calibration is an innovative method that gives you up to 4% more uptime compared to manual calibration (depending on how often you calibrate your crusher). The one-touch automatic calibration function precisely recalibrates the system to your pre-set measurements and eliminates the need to calibrate manually.

ACS builds on the benefits of automatic calibration and adds intelligent re-calibration intervals to reduce downtime and maximize the uptime.

4% : More productivity than manual calibration

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