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Earthmoving business prioritises support

Oberon Earthmoving has been serving central-west New South Wales for several years, building a reliable reputation for all kinds of earthworks – civil, commercial, residential and rural.

Episode 6 - Machining at West

At Sandvik’s site in South Sweden, we mill, drill, and finish crusher components. It’s a fascinating combination of automation, computer-based analysis and meticulous attention to detail.

Episode 7 - A quality finish

When it comes to crushing equipment, quality matters. Find out more about the steps we take to make sure our mantles and concaves are hard-wearing, long-lasting and reliable.

Episode 8 - Optimizing your operation

Optimization doesn’t end when your equipment leaves the Sandvik factory. Through audits, assessments and site visits, we devise ways of increasing productivity, improving energy efficiency, and extending your equipment’s life.

Episode 5 - Circular business

For years, Sandvik has been increasing the amount of recycled metal in our wear parts – we average more than 90% at present, and we’re trying to go even higher. Find out about the challenges involved and how we’re addressing them.

Episode 9 - SAM by Sandvik

Think of SAM as a digital assistant for your crushing and screening operation. It’s a suite of apps that gives operators, technicians, managers and purchasers knowledge and control over what’s happening on their sites.

Sandvik original DNA

There’s an extraordinary mix of tradition and technology at our site in Southern Sweden. This series of short films takes you through some of the key processes, featuring everything from research to digitalization, steelmaking and recycling.

Episode 3 - Innovation with a purpose

Innovation is crucial to Sandvik, but it’s important not to lose sight of its main purpose: serving the needs of our customers. Find out more about the research and analysis we do to help our customers optimize their crushing and screening operations.

Episode 2 - The start of a long partnership part 2

To get the best from Sandvik’s crushing and screening equipment, it’s worth consulting the experts. We make analyses, recommendations and guarantees to maximize efficiency and productivity. It’s part of our mission to create strong, long-term partnerships, based on transparency and quality.

Episode 4 - Where innovation meets tradition

At Sandvik’s foundry in Southern Sweden, modern technology combines with years of experience. Vacuum molding is a perfect example: it’s a technique that we’ve perfected over decades to produce high-quality wear parts reliably and sustainably.

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