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Spider protection kit

Using our expertise in crusher design and wear protection materials, we analyzed the different contact, impact and wear points and developed a premium, abrasion-resistant kit with replaceable parts.

Optitooth™ jaw plate

Designed around adding material where it matters most, our Optitooth™ will offer you a wealth of benefits to optimize productivity and lower your operating costs.

Rebuild solutions

Sandvik Rebuild solutions support your most vital equipment throughout their lifecycle.

Component solutions

When you need to replace a vital component, Sandvik offers cost-effective and convenient solutions that help keep your equipment productive 365 days a year.


Sandvik HX900 cast-in carbide is a unique wear material that combines the wear resistance of cemented carbide with the shock resistance, malleability and forming capability of nodular cast iron.

WN8000 Screening media

A modular screening media of polyurethane with molded apertures primarily for fine to medium coarse screening in wet applications with a separation between 1-31.5 mm and a maximum feed size of 100 mm.

Upgrades and engineered solutions

At Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions we continuously invest in R&D to develop machines with new added-value features. We want to extend these technologies to our existing customers by offering upgrades to their existing equipment.

Offline filtration units

Cleaner lubrication oil means better performance. Reduce wear on your internal crusher components and improve reliability with our continuous fine filtration unit for main lubrication. And because it's offline, it doesn't affect crusher availability.

Modular screening media

A VERSATILE SYSTEM FOR IMPROVED SCREENING ACCURACY When using modular screening media from Sandvik the deck configuration is flat to allow the material bed to be rapidly and evenly distributed over the full width of the screen, increasing screening efficiency. For final screening, dam bars can
Modular screening media

WN4000 & WN5000 Screening media

A modular screening media of soft rubber with punched or molded apertures, primarily for fine screening in difficult conditions, with a separation between 2-16 mm and a maximum feed size of 50 mm.

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