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WL9200 Ceramic pulley lagging

Sandvik WL9200 ceramic pulley lagging is a product with a very high coefficient of friction to eliminate slippage between the conveyor belt and the drive pulley.
WL9200 Ceramic pulley lagging

Impact bars / Glide bars

Sandvik WT1000 impact bars and glide bars are designed to prevent belt damage and minimize spillage in loading stations and transfer points.
Impact bars and gliders

Pulley lagging

Pulley lagging is mainly used to increase the coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and drive pulley to avoid belt slippage.

WT1000 Impact bars

Sandvik impact bars have a top surface of low-friction material and a core of soft impact-absorbing rubber. They are equipped with an extruded aluminum profile for quick and safe installation, and are ideal for protecting conveyor belts in loading zones and transfer points.
Sandvik WT1000 Impact bars

WE6800 Conveyor Cover

Sandvik conveyor cover is a light weight modular design that significantly reduces the amount of dust coming of conveyors.
Sandvik WE6800 Conveyor cover

WE4000/WE4000X Dust sealing cloth

Sandvik dust sealing cloths WE4000 (standard) and WE4000X (self-extinguishing) are made of a soft and pliable grade of black rubber with extremely good flexibility and are able to absorb the stresses in a moving seal.
WE4000 & WE4000X Dust sealing cloth

Dust encapsulation

Sandvik provides a complete range of modular dust-sealing components that can be fitted to feeders, screens and conveyors.
Dust encapsulation

WK8500 Pre-tensioned PU screen panel

Pre-tensioned polyurethane screening media with molded holes primarily for fine to medium coarse screening in wet applications.
Sandvik WK8500 PU panel

WK6000 Pre-tensioned rubber screen panel

A pre-tensioned rubber screen panel, with punched holes, primarily for fine to medium coarse screening in dry applications with a max feed size of 250 mm.
Sandvik WK6000 pre-tensioned screen panel

WX8500 Tensioned PU screening media

Sandvik WX8500 is a tensioned polyurethane screening media with moulded holes primarily for fine to medium coarse screening in wet applications.
WX8500 Tensioned PU Screening Media

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