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Tensioned screening media

Sandvik tensioned screening media is tailor-made and available in a variety of materials, widths, lengths and thicknesses for both cross and length tensioned screens.
Tensioned Screening Media

WX7000 Tensioned screening media

Sandvik WX700 tensioned anti-blinding screening media stays clean even in difficult applications, such as fines combined with moisture
WX7000 tensioned screening media

WS6000/WS6000H Self-supporting screening media

WS6000 and WS6000H screen panels are both designed for medium-coarse to coarse screening in the quarrying and mining industries, and they can be made to measure in a number of lengths, widths, thicknesses and hole sizes.
WS6000 self supporting screening media

Pre-tensioned screening media

Sandvik pre-tensioned polymer screening media is intended for installation in screens with cambered/ crowned screen decks, equipped with support bars
Pre-Tensioned Screening Media System

WX6000 Tensioned screening media

For both cross- and length-tensioned screens, our Sandvik WX6000 tensioned rubber panels are designed with precision-punched holes for fine- to medium-coarse screening in your dry applications.
Sandvik WT6000 screening media

WT7000 Dual hardness rubber wear plates

Modular Sandvik WT7000 dual-hardness rubber wear plates offer lightweight, all-around wear protection that can be tailor-made to fit almost all of your light to medium duty applications.
Sandvik WT7000 wear plates

WT6000 Corrugated rubber wear plates

Sandvik offers corrugated, long-lasting rubber wear plates with full steel backing and a profiled surface especially designed for medium to heavy duty applications with an unfavorable impact angle (10–50º).
WT6000 corrugated wear plates

HX900 Wear segments

A unique and versatile wear-protection solution for increased productivity and a longer lifetime.
HX900 bars buttons runners

WL6300 Wear resistant rubber pulley lagging

Sandvik WL6300 is a wear-resistant rubber pulley lagging with a diamond pattern surface that eliminates belt slippage.
Sandvik WL6300

WL9200 Ceramic pulley lagging

Sandvik WL9200 ceramic pulley lagging is a product with a very high coefficient of friction to eliminate slippage between the conveyor belt and the drive pulley.
WL9200 Ceramic pulley lagging

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