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Truck box lining

Our Sandvik WT6000 truck box lining solution is a complete package, including financing and options for belly protection, condition inspection, and extended warranty.
Sandvik Truck box lining

Liner plates

Our HX900 cemented carbide/iron composite wear plates offer up to 20x longer wear life compared to quenched steel (500 HB) and 5x longer compared to white iron plates.

Weldable segments

Our HX900 weldable segments, contain an outer layer of wear-resistant, recycled cemented carbide granules, which offers up to 80% increase in productivity compared to quenched steel (500 HB) and up to 30% cost savings compared to hardened steel wear plates.
HX900 bars buttons runners

Cast-in-carbide (HX900)

Sandvik HX900 cast-in carbide is a unique wear material that combines the wear resistance of cemented carbide with the shock resistance, malleability and forming capability of nodular cast iron.

Distributor (VSI) plates

HX900 distributor plates are a unique wear-protection solution that provides lower maintenance and operating costs.
HX900 distributor plates

WT7000 Dual hardness rubber wear plates

Modular Sandvik WT7000 dual-hardness rubber wear plates offer lightweight, all-around wear protection that can be tailor-made to fit almost all of your light to medium duty applications.
Sandvik WT7000 wear plates

WT6000 Corrugated rubber wear plates

Sandvik offers corrugated, long-lasting rubber wear plates with full steel backing and a profiled surface especially designed for medium to heavy duty applications with an unfavorable impact angle (10–50º).
WT6000 corrugated wear plates

WG9200 Ceramic wear protection

WG9200 is a range of light duty ceramic sheeting that offers extremely long wear life in applications with sliding wear. The thickness and light weight make these products ideal in applications where weight and space are limiting factors.
WG9200 Ceramic wear protection

WG8000 Polyurethane sheeting

Our polyurethane sheeting is a high-quality, long-lasting product available in 80 Shore A hardness. It provides excellent abrasion resistance in wet applications with fine to medium size materials, and it can be tailor-made to fit most applications.
Sandvik WG8000 wear protection

WG4000, WG6000 Black rubber sheeting

Our black rubber sheeting is made of high-quality and long-lasting materials. It is available as smooth sheeting, with a tear-off backing or with a bonding layer in 40 (WG4000) and 60 (WG6000) Shore A hardness.
Sandvik WG4000 WG6000

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