Stationary screens and feeders

Stationary crushers and screens in quarry application

Sandvik screens and feeders are essential components in an efficient crushing operation. Sandvik screens for scalping and classifying minerals and coal come in a wide range of sizes and in several types – both individual units and complete systems. Sandvik's wide range of feeders for crushers and other applications include robust, impact-resistant grizzly feeders, reciprocating plate feeders, and pan feeders to swiftly and economically transfer material.

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Sandvik stationary screens have been tried and tested worldwide in order to provide you with the most reliable equipment. Economic and easy-to-use stationary screens with robust vibrating grizzlies and scalpers cover a range of applications. Whether you need an individual unit or a complete system, we deliver.

Sandvik free-fall screens, which include our SS and SF ranges, have been improved by building each deck in several sections to optimise the inclination. This allows them to be built with a smaller footprint compared to conventional screens with comparable capacity.

If you need to carefully screen materials where vibration may not give optimal results, such as with non-abrasive, soft or sticky materials, then Sandvik roller screens are ideal. Choosing which stationary screen suits your application can be challenging, but with our knowledge and expertise we can work with you to find the best fit.

Model Weight kg (lb) Width mm (ft) Lenght mm (ft)
SA Inclined screens 3,700-9,900
1,524-2,438 (5-8) 3,658-6,096 (12-20)
SJ Inclined screens 5,800-20,800
1,524-3,048 (5-10) 3,658-7,315 (12-24)
SL Horizontal screens 7,500-25,500
1,829-3,048 (6-10) 6,096-7315 (12-24)
SG Grizzly screens 3,500-10,500
1,220-2,420 (4-8) 3,000-4,800 (10-16)
SS and SF Free-fall screens 1,000-6,500
1,020-1,818 (3-6) 1,330-4,290 (4-14)
SR Roller screens 3,200-28,500
1,200-2,400 (4-8) 2,400-2,000 (6.5-23)

Sandvik's broad range ensures a solution that will transfer your material swiftly, smoothly and economically. We offer quality feeders for crushers, as well as for secondary and other feeding applications. Sandvik's products include robust, impact-resistant grizzly feeders, reciprocating-plate feeders, pan feeders and pan-and-grizzly combinations.

Extend equipment lifetime – reduce operating costs

Our versatile range of wear protection for feeder applications includes rubber, ceramic and cast-in-carbide products. These give extended equipment life with safe handling, low noise levels and reduced maintenance and operating costs.

Feeder Screens

Sandvik ST units can significantly improve the total throughput of a primary station by their ability to keep a primary crusher fully fed even during varying feed conditions. The ST range combines a separate pan feeder with a double-deck vibrating screen that has a stepped grizzly on the top deck. The result is better flow control, greatly superior fines removal and optimum crusher performance.

Pan Feeders

The design and wide size range of Sandvik pan feeders is adapted to make proper access around crushers possible and decrease the total cost of the installation. Both base mounted and suspended installations can be accommodated. Sandvik offers a wide range of high-capacity pan feeders for crushers, as well as models for unloading bins, stockpiles etc. and feeding on to belt conveyors.

Reciprocating Plate Feeders

Sandvik offers a range of hydraulic powered linear plate feeders for primary and secondary applications. The SH feeders can be subjected to high loads without affecting the feed rate. They handle sticky material well and can allow dumping of large size material directly since they always retain some material on the reciprocating plate.

A full range of screening media

Efficient screens need superior wear protection in order to meet higher demands with regard to accuracy, clean air, efficient production and uptime. We offer a full range of stationary screening media in polyurethane and other rubber types, so there is equipment suitable for every application. The equipment that we provide has been developed with a focus on improving reliability and economy, whilst ensuring that it gives you high productivity rates, at lower costs.

Whether you're looking for stationary screen equipment that is specifically designed for extra heavy-duty, medium or fine screening applications after primary and secondary crushing, for final screening of a finished fraction or for screens to act as a splitter to divide flows within a plant, the equipment that we stock is suitable for a range of applications. On top of their versatility to suit your applications, the equipment is designed for easy servicing and maintenance.

Why choose Sandvik for your stationary screens?

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction equipment and having spent time on construction sites to get a better understanding of what you need, we understand the daily challenges that you face. At Sandvik, we are continually improving our stationary screens to guarantee that you get the best performance from your equipment. By providing versatility and durability within our offering we can ensure that you can maximize your screening efficiency and improve your bottom line. If you have any questions regarding our stationary screen equipment please contact a member of our team.


Screening is challenging at the best of times. Even if everything looks good, there’s a high probability that it could be working better – and better productivity from your screening operation can mean increased profitability.

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