uj440E jaw crusher

Sandvik UJ440E is a heavy duty, electrically powered jaw crusher designed for high productivity and low energy consumption. Featuring the CJ412 crusher and an automated process control system, this machine offers high performance with minimal downtime. Built for durability, it has proven itself in the toughest of applications and in all climatic conditions.

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Built for hard abrasive rock

We have designed Sandvik UJ440E to suit a wide range of applications worldwide. The jaw settings can be adjusted hydraulically and there is a choice of jaw plates to meet the particular needs of your operation.

Equipped with Sandvik CJ412 jaw crusher, this boasts a large feed opening of 1200 x 830 mm (47 x 33 in.) and deep crushing chamber of almost 2 metres (78 in.), which enables the highest reduction ratios and productivity in its class.

The UJ440E is fully automated to optimize the performance and safety for the operator. We have fitted frequency inverters that automatically regulate the feed and crusher speed. This allows you to stop and start the machine even when it’s full of material, helping to maximize your uptime.

To ensure that the equipment works at optimum levels for longer periods, the impact zones have a rubber lining to reduce wear and also noise. Less downtime means improved productivity.

Also available within the jaw range are Sandvik UJ440i and UJ640E.


  • Deep crushing chamber for high reduction and productivity
  • Hydraulically adjustable jaw setting to maximize your output
  • Discharge conveyor width of 1400 mm (56 in.) and adjustable height for large stockpiling capacity
  • Automatic feeder control for uninterrupted production
  • Radio remote control as standard to ensure easy and safe operation
  • Low emissions and low cost per tonne due to flexible operation through electrical mains or onboard diesel generator
  • Security+  extended warranty & service package for higher uptime and peace of mind.
Technical data
Equipment Sandvik CJ412 jaw crusher
Feed opening 1,200 x 830 mm (47 x 33 in.)
Maximum feed size 750 mm (29.5 in.)
Capacity (up to) 650 mtph (715 stph)
Power Diesel Generator 450 kVA
Transport length Part 1: 16.3 m (53 ft 5 in.)
Part 2: 5.70 m (18 ft 7 in.)
Transport width Part 1: 3.50 m (11 ft 5 in.)
Part 2: 3.10 m (10 ft)
Transport height Part 1: 3.90 m (12 ft 9 in.)
Part 2: 2.90 m (9 ft 5 in.)
Weight Part 1: 56,000 kg (138,890 lb)
Part 2: 14,600 kg (32,190 lb)

Please note all weights and dimensions are for standard units only.

Former Name: CM1208 Mobile jaw crusher