Premium chamber solutions

Sandvik chamber solutions

Sandvik's unique profiles and wear-resistance alloys help to achieve optimal crushing performance, ensuring more uptime and lower operating costs.

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Increased crusher productivity and longevity

Sandvik offers an innovative range of premium chamber solutions that are created based on your needs, and deliver consistently high availability and reliability.

Unique crushing chamber profiles and wear-resistant properties have extended chamber lifetimes by up to 10%-20% depending on the application. In fine crushing applications, our high-performing crushing chambers have given up to 10% more final product.

These innovative and patented solutions offer significant productivity gains and safety improvements in your crushing operations, and improve your bottom line.

Flexifeed mantle for your secondary crushing applications

Sandvik Flexifeed mantle is engineered for your secondary crushing applications, and offers up to a 20% longer lifetime. It has a varying feed opening that is ideal if the crusher feed is not calibrated.

Oversize Breaker (OB) mantle for crushing applications

Sandvik Oversize Breaker (OB) mantle is engineered for tertiary crushing applications and helps prevent bridging from oversized rock.

Designed for tertiary or final crushing stages, Sandvik's Optiagg solution delivers predictable, measurable improvements according to your desired output.

Sandvik High Reduction (HR) concave

Sandvik High Reduction (HR) concave has a unique shelf design that increases the pressure in the crushing chamber.

Premium alloy mixes oven

Sandvik offers newer premium alloy mixes M2, M7, M8 and M9 that offer higher resistance to abrasive rock, but have a lower resistance to shock and impact.