Pulley lagging

Pulley lagging is mainly used to increase the coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and drive pulley to avoid belt slippage.

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Sandvik provides a range of high quality pulley lagging products suitable for most applications. The long wear life of these high performance products ensures trouble-free production.

Sandvik WL6000

Sandvik WL6000 drive pulley lagging has been developed with a self-cleaning surface pattern that prevents aquaplaning and the buildup of material and ice on the belt and pulley.

Sandvik WL6300

Sandvik WL6300 is a wear-resistant rubber pulley lagging with a diamond pattern surface that eliminates belt slippage.

WL9200 Ceramic pulley lagging

Sandvik WL9200 ceramic pulley lagging is a product with a very high coefficient of friction to eliminate slippage between the conveyor belt and the drive pulley.