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Stationary rebuild solutions

Reborn solution

Sandvik reborn

Depending on the application, a crusher is either at the heart of the process or is a vital part of the process.

The crusher simply cannot be removed for extended periods of time without affecting the productivity. If major components start to fail and the crusher begins nearing the end of its life, Sandvik can replace it and restore the entire crushing system to its original glory.

Our Sandvik REBORN solution rebuilds your crusher system by exchanging your worn-out Sandvik crusher for a new one, and reutilizing your crusher auxiliaries and infrastructure. Your new crusher is backed by our three-year extended warranty service agreement, to help you maximize productivity.

Sandvik REBORN package includes:

  • New factory-tested crusher covered by a three-year extended warranty service agreement
  • Crusher equipped with all model-specific upgrades that improve reliability
  • Expert installation supervision
  • On-site training covering crusher operation and maintenance

Six reasons why:

  1. Get a new crusher for a fraction of the cost of a complete crusher system
  2. Avoid the risks of downtime and delays that can come with a major overhaul
  3. Get a quicker installation by reusing your proven infrastructure and existing footprint
  4. Enjoy the design upgrades that come with a brand new OEM crusher
  5. Expect the service and maintenance costs of a new machine
  6. Enjoy full aftermarket service and support

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