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Stationary genuine consumables and kits

Repair and endurance kits

Reliable and efficient equipment operation is crucial for optimizing costs.

Sandvik kits are bundled to give you everything you need to perform key repairs simultaneously, minimizing downtime.

Extend the working life of your equipment

Genuine Sandvik parts keep your equipment functioning at its best and safest. Built using proven technology and the highest quality materials, Sandvik kits help you achieve production targets and increase equipment lifetimes. Genuine parts are the result of years of testing in the harshest conditions, reducing the risk of breakdowns and ensuring optimal equipment performance.

Endurance kits

Endurance kits are high-quality OEM parts bundled into practical service kits for specific functional tasks. They reduce the risk of unexpected failures, extending component life. Kits are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure stable performance, reliability and durability in harsh working environments. Cone crusher kits cover the main assemblies for the Hydroset, pinion shafts, main shafts and top shells.

Repair kits

Sandvik repair kits are customized for all aspects of crusher maintenance. Easy to find and order with just one kit article number, they extend equipment life, improve maintenance execution quality and minimize downtime. A kit contains all articles that need replacing and can be pre‐ordered and stored onsite. The following kits are available for cone crushers; eccentric kit, Hydroset kit, pinion shaft kits and chevron packing.

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