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Stationary crushing chamber solutions

CS cones, standard solutions

No matter the Sandvik crusher model you have, we have quality OEM wear parts that are designed to fit your machine perfectly. Tested to the extremes, they will give you more working time and greater efficiency than non-original parts.

Importance of concave selection

The crushing chamber is mostly determined by the concave (or outer liner) selection. We offer two to three different standard concave choices for each crusher model, and each has a specific application area.

Crusher model

CS420 CS430 CS440 CS660 CS840i
- MC MC MC -

Concaves are specified as extra course (EC), coarse (C) and medium coarse (MC).

Importance of mantle selection

We offer three different standard mantles: A, S and B – and the key differences are the positions of the crushing surface in relation to the contact surface of the head center. Each mantle has a specific application area, so not all mantles are available for all crusher models.

Second lower concave ring

Sandvik offers a second lower concave ring designed to match a half-worn upper concave on our CS840i, CS430 and CS440 models. The crushing chamber nip angle is maintained because the second lower concave has an adjusted profile (which takes into account the half-worn upper concave) and is cast and therefore does not alter the geometry of the crushing chamber.

Contact your local Sandvik representative to help you select the right crushing chamber for your application.




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