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Stationary crushing chamber solutions

CJ jaw plates, standard solutions

Sandvik offers seven teeth patterns and up to three alloy selections (M1, M2, M8) to suit the different types of quarrying and mining applications.

Our patterns include Wide Teeth (WT), Corrugated (C), Coarse Corrugated (CC), Sharp Teeth (ST), Heavy Duty (HD), HD Ultra-Thick (UT). The application area determines the most suitable jaw plates - and ultimately the right crushing chamber.

M1 is the standard alloy, offering high resistance to shock and impact. It also work hardens well with hard rock. Our M8 and M9 alloys offer higher resistance to abrasive rock, but have lower resistance to shock and impact

The optimal jaw plate selection can be determined based on the rock/ore type characteristics (WI, AI) and the feed characteristics (friction, gradation).

CJ211   X   X   X  
CJ409 X X          
CJ411 X X X        
CJ412 X X X X X X  
(CJ612)     X X X X  
CJ613   X X X     X
CJ615     X X X X X
CJ815     X X X X  

Contact your local Sandvik representative to help you select the right crushing chamber for your application.


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