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Stationary crushing chamber solutions

CH cones, standard solutions

No matter the Sandvik crusher model you have, we have quality OEM wear parts that are designed to fit your machine perfectly. Tested to the extremes, they will give you more working time and greater efficiency than non-original parts.

Wide range of crushing chamber solutions

To get the most out of your crusher, choosing the right chamber based on its application is vital. Our offering covers extra-coarse crushing chambers with the largest intake for high-capacity crushing all the way to extremely fine crushing chambers for high reduction or extremely tough pebble crushing. All chambers are engineered to be the perfect fit for your application.

Importance of concave selection

The crushing chamber is mostly determined by the concave (or outer liner) selection. We offer between four and eight different standard concaves per crusher model, each of which has a specific application area.

Concaves are specified as extra course (EC), course extra (CX), coarse (C), medium coarse (MC), medium (M), medium fine (MF), fine (F), extra-fine extra (EFX), extra fine (EF) and extra-extra fine (EEF).

Crusher model - Concaves

Show table

CH420 CH430 CH440 CH660 CH830i CH840i CH860i CH865i CH870i CH890i CH895i
EC EC EC Top Grip EC EC Top Grip EC Top Grip EC Top Grip - EC Top Grip EC -
- - - CX - - - - - - -
C C C C C C C - C C -
- MC MC MC - MC MC - MC MC -
M M M M M M M - M M -
F F F F F F - F* F* F -
- - - - - - - - - - EFX*
EF* EF* EF* EF* EF* - - EF* EF* - EF*
- - - - - - - - - - EEF*
"Short" chambers marked with *

Importance of mantle selection

There are five different standard Sandvik mantles – A, S/D, B, HC and EF. Each mantle has a specific application area, so not all mantles are available for all crusher models.

Crusher model - mantles

Show table

CH420 CH430 CH440 CH660 CH830i CH840i CH860i CH865i CH870i CH890i CH895i
A, B,
A, S, B,
A, B,
A, D, B,
A, B, EF A, B A, B EF A, B, EF A, B,

Contact your local Sandvik representative to help you select the right crushing chamber for your application.

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